January 28, 2021

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Who Get Ear Vol. 120: Here are the 10 Nigerian songs you need to play this week [ARTICLE]

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Welcome to another installment of ‘Who Get Ear,’ Pulse’s flagship act for upcoming acts in the Nigerian music industry. This feature has been on for two years and Pulse Nigeria is proud to say it has been spotlighting some of the best songs and acts in the Nigerian underground for three years.

This is the 12th installment of this feature listicle. It is now available on streaming platforms, Audiomack and Apple Music.

Weekly acts will also get a spotlight on Pulse Nigeria‘s Instagram Page. The pick of the week will also get a 30 second spin on Pulse Nigeria‘s Instagram stories.

You can check Vol. 119 here. This week, we feature Noir, Kid Marley, Zick, EMK, Minz, Bison and more. Apologies for the hiatus, but we are back now!

Pick of the week: Noir – Desperado

Moment of the week: The production on ‘Malo Nogede’ by EMK

Here are our picks of the week;

8tch & Hurdihmoore – Jabo

Released off their joint EP, Groove, Trips & Emotions is this mid-tempo Afro-pop record, cut straight from the staple of Wizkid. The record is a love song, filled with solemn promises.

Only1riddy – Foreplay

Another ode to a woman’s body, sensuality and beauty sees Riddy uses euphemism to express his sexual cravings.

Noir – Desperado

Our pick of week sees Nigerian Lawyer-cum-singer, Noir – formerly known as Tyson Noir – follow a similar trope. He is a loverboy who becomes a desperado for a woman’s love. The beauty of this tracks lies in how his memorable vocals cut through the Afro-Fusion/R&B rhythms and melodies with precision.

The message sinks even deeper. This song deserves way more than it’s currently getting and Noir needs a body of work.

DeeTee featuring Ikayh – My Life

Featuring fellow emerging artist, DeeTee delivers an anthem filled with resolution to live by his own rules.

Chimy – Back Up

Off his latest album, Major Curing lies this record. The record is conceived around a theory of admiration and rejection. ‘Back up’ is colloquialism for a need for space or repetition and Chimy is a victim on this record.

EMK – Malo Nogede

Initially used by Timaya, ‘Malonogede’ has become a Nigerian lingo for ‘Don’t dull’ or ‘Wake up.’ The colloquialism originates from the Yoruba saying, ‘Malo no gere.’ On this beautiful R&B record, EMK admires a shy girl who has a problem expressing emotions. On a beautiful, TrapSoul beat, EMK tells her to wake up.

Minz – BDMN

Earlier in December 2020, Nigerian sensation, Minz returned with this Afro-Swing record, laced with Pidgin lyrics about attraction, affirmation and a beautiful woman.

Bison – Sempe

Sempe is an outrageously infectious pop number by Bison, a new wave Nigerian singer and songwriter who appeared on the industry’s radar in May 2019. Without the complication of a tough topic, Bison confidently calls all and sundry to kick back and relish a moment of guilty pleasures.

On the track, he endorses the latest pop culture slang “Problem no dey finish”, which translates to enjoying life irrespective of the issues that are bound to surface.

Zick – Our Time

Zick is a seasoned singer and Songwriter. Though primarily an R&B artist, his versatility allows him to dabble in other genres such as afro-swing as he did earlier in the year when featured on fellow rising star PSIV’s first single of the year ‘Crazy.’

The song is persuasive, as Zick aims to convince a woman.

Kid Marley – Alive

This avant-pop record is laced with firm statements. He is reminiscent of the Madcon/Black Eyed Peas era of pop records.

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