April 16, 2021

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Watch the trailer for ‘Umoja’ short film [ARTICLE]

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Starring Lorenzo Menakaya, Jude Thomas Dawam, Salome Alaha and Alex Ayanda, the short film centers on the story of the Nigerian dream through a timeline of freedom.

According to Nwoba, ‘Umoja’ meaning unity in Swahili, was birthed by constant reflections about the state of the nation during the long months of global Covid-19 lockdown.

“The display of economic insufficiency, chaos and a people seemingly locked in a state of nothingness are all the wheels that drove the delivery of the short film. It was in asking questions about the root cause of the ethnic divisions and searching for a solution that Umoja was born”, Nwoba shared.

Shot in Enugu, the short film was made in four native languages, one official language and an unofficial language. It is produced by Nwoba of Ozunu films, Lorenzo Menakaya of Hova Africa and Chima Nwoke of Dinta Media.

Watch the trailer:

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