Telephone Conversation between a Politician and a Repentant Thug

Telephone Conversation between a Politician and a Repentant Thug

Telephone Conversation between a Politician and a Repentant Thug is a lesson to every Nigerian youth out there. You will learn a lot from this if you apply it to your life.

Politician: Is this Bruno?

Bruno: Yes.

Who am I speaking with?

Politician: Your boss.

Can’t you recognize my voice?

Bruno: Oh, sorry sir.

Good afternoon boss.

Your voice has changed.

And I don’t have this number.

Politician: Forget about the changed voice and the unknown number.

There’s a job.

Bruno: Job?

Politician: Get your boys ready.

I will make every detail available tonight.

No stories.

I don’t want a repeat of what happened the other time.

Bruno: Remember sir, we lost J-boy in our last outing.

Politician: Yes.

And so?

Bruno: We may have a gap or leakage in our strategic positioning.

Politician: Bruno, what do you want?

Go straight to the point and stop beating about the bush.

I don’t have all the time my friend.

Bruno: We need to fill J-boy’s gap.

Politician: My friend you’re talking too much.

What do you want???????

Bruno: I want us to replace J-boy with your son.

Henceforth, let him be part of every assignment you give to us sir.

Politician: My son?! My only son! You must be crazy. You are out of your… (Bruno cuts in)

Bruno: Sir, am not crazy ooo.

You are the crazy one here.

We are people’s children too.

The same way you feel for your children, that’s the same way our parents feel about us.

Let me tell you Mr Man, you can’t be using us as thugs while your children are schooling in UK, USA, Japan, etc and enjoying the luxuries of life.

You have used us to destabilize the polity through violence and assassination of innocent people.

If you ever want us to do any ‘job’ for you, let all your male children be part of us.

You think we don’t know that your children work in NNPC, FIRS, CBN, NCC, DPR, etc.

We are degree holders like your children.

If you want to give us any ‘job’ again, it should be in any of the above mentioned places.

Foolish man.

It is a script!

But the message has been passed.

Nigerian Youths Say No To Thuggery.

Don’t Allow Yourself to be used as Thugs.

Anyone who wants you as a thug, request that his children be part of it.

Vote and not fight.

Say no to violence.

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