January 23, 2021

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Snapchat Shares New insights into Consumer Behavior and Trends

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Snapchat has shared some new insights into the latest consumption trends, which have been exacerbated by the pandemic, but Snapchat says are set to remain in place as the next generation of consumers becomes increasingly influential in buying decisions.

As per Snapchat:

“The events of 2020 changed the way we work, shop and stay in touch, creating what became known as the “new normal”. Now, as we build hopes of recovery in 2021 and beyond, it’s time to focus on the next normal.”

Snapchat has collected a range of trends and insights into a new, 15-page report called ‘Strategies for the Next Normal’, which outlines how habits have changed, and what it means for your approach.

Snapchat New Normal report

Snap has identified several key shifts, including the rise of mobile eCommerce, the resurgence of QR codes for marketing, the expansion and increasing accessibility of AR for campaigns and the ongoing evolution of its own video tools and options. 

Snapchat New Normal report

As per Snap:

“Millennials are the largest generation in history. In 2020, they made one in three purchases, and the generation is expected to drive half the increase in expenditure growth over the next decade.”

There’s a heap of interesting notes here, and pointers to help guide your future strategy, with the younger generation leading the way on the next key shifts.

In addition to this, Snapchat has also shared some overall usage insights, which further reiterate the app’s influential capacity on this next generation of consumers.

There are some good, important notes here, worth noting in your planning, with the specific insights into rising consumption trends and habits all pointing to new approaches, and evolving shifts.

Even if Snapchat isn’t part of your 2021 planning, it’s worth taking a look, and getting a better understanding of these key trends. 

You can download Snapchat’s “Strategies for the Next Normal” report here.

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