February 25, 2021

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Small Business and Link Building [Infographic]

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Do you have a link-building strategy in place as part of your digital marketing plan?

You should have – despite the constant evolution of Google’s search algorithm, links remain a key indicator of website quality and trust, both critical factors in dictating where your pages appear within relevant Google search results. 

Link-building enables you maximize discoverability, and connect with a wider audience. But as this new study from Buzzstream has found, despite most SMB owners being aware of link-building as a concept, only around 22% of them actually have a link-building strategy and process in place.

It’s worth noting that the sample size here is relatively small – only 612 small business owners in the US. But the data does highlight some significant issues and gaps in digital marketing knowledge. Which, given the events of the last year, and people’s increasing reliance on digital platforms for discovery and shopping, is a concern that smaller operators need to take into account.

You can read the full results here, or check out the below infographic.  

Small business link building research

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