April 17, 2021

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Review: Skillz 8 Figure – After Dark EP [ARTICLE]

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On March 11, 2021, he followed ‘Like Dat,’ his collaboration with Headies-nominated Nigerian rapper, Psycho YP with his sophomore EP, After Dark. The EP is inspired by an uncertain period in his personal life and relationships. The EP documents sex, love, and attraction in Pidgin and Patois.

At the root of it all is ‘Self Love’ aboard a Reggae-Fusion beat with Eman.

Backed by rhythmic adlibs and expletives, the EP opens with a declaration of love for a certain ‘Julie.’ At the base of the music is a mid-tempo Afro-pop sound, defined by horns and a bass. ‘Sempe’ is more high-tempo, with a percussion that’s tailor-made for Wizkid. Parts of the percussion also share similarities with Burna Boy’s ‘Bebo.’

Lyrically, the songs sexually-charged, with tailored doses of vulgarity. Oxlade dominates ‘Make Sense’ but Skillz 8 Figure is the nucleus of this attraction to a woman’s body. ‘Like Dat’ follows suit while ‘4 Life’ also documents love.

Despite its quality, this project. It can sometimes feel drawn out. Records like ‘Type of Way’ and ‘Fall’ seemed intended to diversity the emotional hue of this project. However, the lyrical direction of both songs lacked clarity. Sometimes, the projected emotion seems cut off upheavals in love and other times, it feels like the projected emotion is one of romance.

Hence, the only major downside of this EP. Skillz must learn to rely less on adlibs and focus more on substance. But regardless, this is still a solid EP which showcases the incredible talent of a young man and his potential is scary. His stage name could be shortened and simplified, however.

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