June 17, 2021

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‘My husband sold my jewelry, squandered landlords’ association’s N.2m on gambling’

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The 21-year-old wedlock between a couple, Adewumi Abimbola and her husband, Hakeem Abimbola, was recently dissolved by the Ile-Tuntun Customary Court, Ibadan, Oyo State on the accounts of lack of peace in their marriage.

Adewumi, who dragged her husband to court, alleged that he was always running into debt as a result of gambling.

She explained that her husband found it difficult to fend for her and their five children. According to the plaintiff, the defendant’s behaviour grew worse when he started selling their property in the home.

Adewumi stated that she had exhausted all her income offsetting the defendant’s debts because those he was indebted to were harassing and embarrassing her.

The plaintiff told the court that her mind was made up on pulling out of their marriage because she was tired of Hakeem’s shameful lifestyle.

Adewumi also pleaded for the custody of all their children so that she could give them adequate attention, but prayed the court to make him responsible for their welfare and education.

Hakeem on his part agreed to divorce on the ground of infidelity.

The defendant told the court that his wife was having an affair with the pastor of her church.

According to him, he had on a number of occasions dragged her out of the church where she regularly slept with this pastor.

Adewumi in her evidence said, she regretted “every day of my marriage with my husband. Hakeem is worse than an infidel.

“My husband fails to provide for me and our children. He is not bothered about our welfare and has never shown interest in our children’s education.

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“He doesn’t give me feeding allowance but will always expect to eat. We fight over this all the time.

“My husband spends his income on gambling which is why he is a wretched man today. He has no savings, while we live from hand to mouth.

“Hakeem had refused to make hay while the sun shines. My family members got him a job which had prospect, but he abandoned it and preferred to loaf about.

“He was appointed treasurer of the landlords’ association in our area but he ended up disgracing himself.

“He failed to account for the sum of N270,000 put in his care. He obviously spent it on gambling.

“He brought shame to me and our children and we walk with our heads bowed in our neighbourhood because the news of his misdeed spread like a wild fire.

“My lord, I spend my income settling Hakeem’s debt on regular basis. His debtors always come to our home raving,cursing and threatening to pull down the roof. My children and I face constant harassment from them while he would go into hiding.

“Hakeem’s behaviour went from bad to worse. He got so much entangled in gambling that he started selling off the property in our home.

“My husband sold items including my jewelry, generating set, fans and kitchen utensils. He also sold some building materials put in our care.

“My lord, it is obvious that my husband will ruin me if I don’t end our relationship. I gain nothing married to him except shame and pain.

“I, therefore, plead with this court to separate us and handover our children to me for proper care.

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“He has no time for them and has failed in his responsibility towards them”, “the plaintiff begged.

Hakeem, giving his response said “I accede to divorce. It is good that we go our different ways.

“My lord, my sin against Adewumi is that I prevent her from further sleeping with a pastor in our neighbourhood.

“What joy do I derive anyway being yoked to a woman who entertains other men with her body?

“Adewumi pretends to be a saint but she is a slut. Many of my relatives and even friends in the community informed me of her illicit relationship with this pastor but I decided to wait patiently till I catch them.

“I eventually caught them red-handed. I dragged her out of the church and reported the incident to the landlords’ association.

“This pastor was invited and warned, but his romance with my wife still continued unabated.

“I got furious one Sunday morning after I got back home from the landlords’ association meeting and learnt she had gone to church as usual.

“I headed straight for the church and forced my way in. There was commotion inside the church as I disrupted the on-going service.

“I pulled Adewumi out of the church, dragged her home and gave her severe beating,” he said.

Delivering judgment, the court president, Chief Olasunkanmi Agbaje, pronounced their marriage dissolved.

According to him, their relationship had broken down irreconcilably.

Agbaje granted custody of their first child to the defendant and the other four to the plaintiff.

He ordered Hakeem to pay N20,000 as the children’s monthly feeding allowance, in addition to being responsible for their education and health care.

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Both were advised to maintain peace.


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