March 3, 2021

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Meet This Man That Looks Like A Small Child At Age 50

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Meet This Man That Looks Like A Small Child At Age 50. “ They even pay me to snap pictures” he says. Check Out His Photos

In this article, you’ll get to know about this man who appears to be like a little kid, but he is actually 50 years old, Yes 50 !

Meet Basori Lah, an Indian man who stopped growing up at the age of five (5) due to a critical medical condition.

Basori Lah is only 29 inches tall (I.e the height of most 5 years old children) but he doesn’t see this negatively, in fact he considers his height to be a blessing to himself and his family.

How is this a blessing? Well Mr Basori Lah is a local celebrity in his village because many people come from far and near to see him and most times they bring gifts and other valuables for him. “ They even pay me to snap pictures” Basori is quoted saying in one of his TV interviews.

Basori’s height would have been normal if only his poor family had the required money to treat his illness when he was much younger, but you know what they say, every disappointment is a blessing and his current situation has indeed brought blessings to him.

The key to a happy life is to just be free with yourself and enjoy every second of your life no Matter what you look like.

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Man that looks like a child at age 50 his grand children

(Basori and his grandchildren)

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