September 30, 2020

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LinkedIn Publishes Updated Guide to its Ad Targeting Options

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Looking to get a better handle on LinkedIn’s ad options, and how to use its various audience targeting tools to maximize ad performance?

This week, LinkedIn has published a revised and updated edition of its ‘Mastering Targeting on LinkedIn’ guide, which now covers more tools and options, including newly released features that can help optimize your LinkedIn campaigns.

Mastering Targeting on LinkedIn

LinkedIn first launched its ‘Mastering Targeting’ guide in March last year, but since then, LinkedIn has added a range of new ad tools and options that can refine your approach.

As per LinkedIn:

“The updated guide includes guidance on new features like Matched Audiences, Retargeting by Video and Lead Gen Forms, Website Retargeting, Contact Targeting, and Company List Targeting.”

LinkedIn ad targeting guide

The guide provides a helpful overview of each of the ad targeting options now available on the platform, and explains how each element works, and how you can best utilize them, which is great info to have for those looking to maximize their LinkedIn ad campaigns.

And that could be worth consideration – LinkedIn has been seeing steady growth in usage and engagement over the last few years, with the platform now serving more than 700 million members. Of course, ‘members’ is not the same as active users, but still, with active user sessions up 26% in its most recent report, the platform’s performance is improving, and as more people look to up their skills and find work during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, LinkedIn looks set to become an even bigger focus in the months and years ahead.

The guide also includes pointers and notes on advertising best practices, including targeting focus and ad frequency.

LinkedIn advertising guide

If you’re considering, or already running LinkedIn ads, the updated guide is definitely worth a look.

You can download the guide, for free, at this link.

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