April 13, 2021

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Journalist Accuses Assistant Police Superintendent Of Complicity In Assault Case

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A journalist, Bartholomew Madukwe, who is currently the Editor-in-Chief of an online media platform, 9jreporters, has accused a senior police officer identified as Chris of complicity in a case of assault against him.

Madukwe said he was hit in his right eye by one Ade at Extra-Time Hotel, Oko-Afo area of Lagos state, on Saturday and had reported the case to the Area K Command, Morogbo.

He explained that Chris was consequently assigned as the Investigating Police Officer and he followed him to the hotel to effect the arrest of his abuser.

On getting there, however, Madukwe alleged that the officer watched on as another person named Adejoke assaulted him.

He said a crime officer drafted alongside Chris with himself to the hotel protested against Adejoke’s action and demanded his arrest but nothing was done eventually.

The journalist further alleged that Chris released Adejoke without following due process.

He further called for help and protection, saying he is being threatened by the owner of Extra-Time Hotel, Ortega while Ade and Adejoke have promised to ‘deal’ with him more.

In a letter titled “My life in danger, let me speak before I’m killed’, he said, “On Saturday, April 3, 2021, at about 5 pm, I reported a case of assault against Adejoke, Ade and Ortega, at Area K Command, Morogbo, Lagos State and my complaint was received by ASP Chris, who is the IPO in the matter.

“ASP Chris followed me to the scene of the incident after informing him of how one Ade elbowed me in the right eye, at Extra-Time Hotel, Oko-Afo area of the state in the course of a reception arranged for Badagry All-Stars, after Saturday’s friendly match.

“On getting to Extra-Time Hotel with the IPO (ASP Chris), right before his eyes and at close range, as I showed him Adejoke to make the arrest, Adejoke descended on me by punching me in the same right eye that Ade elbowed. As I fell on the road- outside the gate of Extra-Time, thinking the IPO (ASP Chris) would handle the situation, Adejoke started kicking me with his foot, kicking my head and other parts of my body, while the IPO (ASP Chris) stood aside and watched. 

“I was on the floor for about 10 minutes. After some people had stopped Adejoke from further kicking me, I stood and entered the bus that brought me and the IPO to the hotel for arrest. Adejoke, after saying he has all it takes to deal with me and nothing will happen, came to Area K with his friends, by himself. After the IPO and one Favour narrated to the Crime Officer what they witnessed, the Crime Officer said Adejoke should be put in the cell.

Madukwe said the IPO (ASP Chris) later told him that he was being punished for reporting him (IPO) to the Area Commander in 2019.

“He said I reported him to the Area Commander then, Hope, and now he is the IPO of my case today. He explained further that I might have forgotten the 2019 matter but he can’t forget it because he knows what he faced then. 

“Then I realised why he (IPO) allowed Adejoke to assault me in his presence and knew I cannot get justice from him- hence my request for the transfer of the case from him and Area K Command entirely to avoid further unprofessional handling of the case of assault on me,” he said.

“Fortunately, the 2019 matter the IPO referred to was the one concerning Francis who sat with me in the IPO’s office as he spoke. According to the IPO (ASP Chris), he was not interested in whatever transpired at the same Badagry General Hospital he sent me to. When I saw that things were not making sense in the way the assault case was being handled by the IPO (ASP Chris) and revelations he made, I now presented to him the printed picture of my right eye that I took. 

“I asked him if the picture wouldn’t be needed and he reluctantly received it, though he never requested for it. 

“I live in fear that my life is at great risk and I cannot get police protection from Adejoke and his cohorts. After all, the IPO (ASP Chris) failed to protect me on Saturday as Adejoke attacked me, blew me and kicked me- as he (IPO) folded his hand and looked away. As a citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and journalist, I seek protection of my life by the Nigerian police, from Adejoke, Ade, Ortega and others.”

When SaharaReporters contacted the IPO, ASP Chris, he said the case was still being investigated.


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