June 25, 2021

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Isioma Osagie blasts Nollywood critics

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Osaje urged film critics to focus on their audience not filmmakers.

Nollywood director, Isioma Osaje has issued a stern warning to film critics who tag filmmakers on negative reviews of their work.

Osaje expressed her thoughts on this category of critics in a tweet shared on June 9, 2021.

“Association of Nollywood critics, stop tagging us on your negative reviews. I know you will tell me your intentions are noble, but don’t worry, focus on your audience.”

Although the filmmaker did not get to name calling, some Nollywood critics have admitted to tagging filmmakers on both positive and negative reviews of their works.

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Osaje’s tweet was endorsed by Inkblot co-founder, Naz Onuzo who replied, “Lol. I’ve been saying it since, it’s a very shitty thing to do and I’ve never heard a defense of it that makes sense.”

The filmmaker has worked on several major Nollywood projects including ‘Quam’s Money’, ‘Up North’ and ‘Who’s the Boss’.

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