April 23, 2021

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How to Get Free US Number to Make Unlimited Calls and Also Use as WhatsApp Account

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How to Get Free US Number to Make Unlimited Calls and Also Use as WhatsApp Account

This tutorial on How to Get Free US Number to Make Unlimited Calls and Also Use as WhatsApp Account is to help Business owners and people who have relatives in the USA to reach out with ease.

The world of Tech has gone haywire and business owners are now working earnestly to connect with customers all over the world. But we are all aware that African (especially Nigeria) is known for scam hence, making it difficult for business owners to connect with clients in the western world.

Now as a global or international businessman/woman, or a person(s) having relatives in the US or Canada, it is important to have a US number in order to reach your targeted audience. This prompted me to reveal this secret to help you meet that targetted audience.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and best social messenger application for iOS and Android users. WhatsApp has recently launched windows version so now you can chat with your family and friends by using PC. It offers web version for users so you can use WhatsApp without downloading any software or application in PC by visiting only WhatsApp web.
Nowadays, people wish to use WhatsApp account with a U.S. number. Simply you can register WhatsApp account with your U.S. number. The best method to get your own U.S. number is available in various ways along with numerous E-Net Web Solution tips.



  • More privacy.
  • International number.
  • Hiding your original number to get a secure account.
  • Unlimited international call.
  • Free calls to USA and Canada
  • Shock your family members and friends by sending the messages with the US number.


  • No hidden cost (totally free).
  • Record the WhatsApp call.
  • Working with Android smartphones without any issue.
  • Create an account with an international number that is +1 series.


In the current scenario, privacy is one of the utmost important issues in the internet world. People are losing their personal information almost to the unknown persons each and every time. The very important benefit of following the upcoming steps to create a WhatsApp ACCOUNT with U.S. number is to give you the needed privacy by hiding your original mobile number and is totally free. You do not have to pay any cost for creating an account with the U.S. NUMBER

First, you have to download and install VPN TOMATO App to your Tablet or Android/Apple smartphone and connect to the USA. This is just to change your current IP location to US IP.

  1. Now you can go ahead to download FreeTone App. You can download this app easily from here.
  2. Now you have to finish the installing process of FreeTone.
  3. Then open the FreeTone app and complete the sign-up process, which requires verifying your email address through URL. Once the process of verification is successfully done head on to search for available numbers by entering the area code of the state of your choice and select your preferred number.
  4. Note down or copy that U.S. contact number.
  5. Now open your WhatsApp application and please note that you have already installed WhatsApp. Make sure that you#re using the latest version of the Whatsapp application.
  6. In the part of verification, WhatsApp number can make use of the US contact, which has been noted down or copied.
  7. Now you can wait until the option of ‘call me’ to get your WhatsApp account activated. Click on the ‘call me’ option and you will be called by WhatsApp.
  8. Note: Do not pick the call and the code will be dropped for you as VOICE MESSAGE.
  9. Copy the code and verify your WhatsApp account and boom, you’re all set.
  10. Finally, you have successfully signed up a process in WhatsApp account with a U.S. number.


This method is for an old WhatsApp account that has been registered already, but you do not want to create a new account. You just want to change an old WhatsApp account number with a U.S. number. This is because some people may not want to lose their groups so they cannot create a new account, but you can change your old mobile number with a new one so that your groups will be safe.
Let us follow some basic steps to change your mobile number:
First, open the WhatsApp application and go to the settings.
Click on the Account option and then you can see the change number option on the screen.
Simply, click on the change number option.
Enter your old mobile number and new mobile number in the given box. Then click on the done key at the top of the right corner. It will send a verification message on the given new number and get it from the FreeTone app and then enter in the WhatsApp. After completing all the above-mentioned processes, your old number will get successfully changed into a new U.S. number.

Nowadays, people are genius to find working steps to solve many problems. Above mentioned enetwebsolution tips is unique and the latest method on the internet. With the help of this method, you can easily make free unlimited calls to USA and Canada, use a WhatsApp account with USA number and also help to protect the identity.

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