April 22, 2021

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Dr. Pushkin premieres ‘Hallelujah’ with live performance

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Rapper, Dr. Pushkin will at 23:00 GMT Thursday, April 8, premiere a new joint, ‘Hallelujah’ with a live virtual performance.

Hallelujah is not your regular Chill Trap Jam.

Hallelujah by Dr. Pushkin is his first song for the year 2021. It is a song about counting the blessings of life even in difficult circumstances. For the first time, Dr. Pushkin recruited Ghanaian upcoming singer TeriWiizi Justin on this beautiful piece. This brings an African flavor to the chorus, perfectly complementing the chill trap beat.

Suffice to say, Hallelujah by Dr. Pushkin transcends creativity. It chronicles the reality of our daily giftings from God, the cosmic, and the general benevolence of humankind, and nature. This elicits the need to often pause, take a deep breath and appreciate all that life has got to offer. Once again, the affable rapper laces the beat with an impressive lyrical content and flow, synonymous with his stature as a perfectionist.


Humanity is currently experiencing one of the most devastating instances of a cross-continental virus. In all of this, the excellence in a resilient people continues to manifest. For a creative-minded person, Hallelujah by Dr. Pushkin is the soundtrack for the time.

Dr. Pushkin known in academia as Paul Azure has subtly been reviving the life in Hip Hop / Rap; trumpeting socio-conscious issues in an ingenious and creative way. As an avowed academic, the quest to see a better world in all ways remain paramount when you listen to his repertoire. Hallelujah by Dr. Pushkin is a thrill to the ear, performed over a melodious and infectious chill trap beat.

It appears, the entertainment value blended with a socio-conscious message is gradually becoming a forte for the MIT PhD holder. For music lovers who often do not pay attention to lyrics, thanks to mumblings of todays crop of rappers, Dr. Pushkin is altering the perception of what constitutes an impressive flow, content, and a stellar production.

The affable rapper continues on a trajectory unmatched. Very few artistes still uphold rap as a voice for the voiceless. Dr. Pushkin is one such artiste.

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