April 12, 2021

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Cinemas need to be more transparent in their dealings with producers – James Omokwe [ARTICLE]

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“Cinema’s need to be a lot more transparent in their dealings with Producers. Yeah I said it. Try to do right by these producers. These people work hard and borrow money to make films. End of tweet”, Omokwe tweeted.

While the circumstances surrounding the ‘Riona’ producer’s tweet remains unclear, his tweet comes in the wake of recent reports insinuating discrepancies in box-office figures released by film exhibitors.

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Last week, film director, Mildred Okwo tweeted a discrepancy spotted in the report for the box-office earnings of her newly released film ‘La Femme Anjola’. She wrote: “Why are @ceannigeria @pmopeace @babaagba_ figures different from the actual figures? Are cinemas not sending figures in time for publishing or is there something I am missing?”

The filmmaker later disclosed that one of the film industry’s guilds had taken up the matter.

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