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  • Preferably, submitted articles should be written in a conversational tone, using “You” and “I” as well as include rhetorical questions.
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  • Your article may not include any affiliate links or promote something, although you may present tools etc. that can be helpful to our readers.

Please read through a few of our articles before pitching an idea or article. This will ensure that your articles are similar to the tone we want to use in the articles posted on

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Before you contact us, make sure you’ve read through this page carefully. This will increase the chances that you meet our requirements.

All submitted articles should include a description of the author and have the headline “About the author“. The author description should only be a few lines.

We accept articles that cover subjects related to the digital marketing space but especially favor articles about social media.

You are allowed to have a maximum of 1 link pointing back to your site in your post. The link is do-follow links, however, this is only when the link points back to your personal blog, not websites that are related to businesses or products. If this is the case, we allow a no-follow link in your post pointing back to these sites.

If you want to promote your business and receive do-follow links, please visit our sponsored posts section.


We reserve the right to edit and change your article as we see appropriate. We strive to provide our visitors with the best articles, and if we see that your article can be improved, we will edit it accordingly. We prefer to see that you’ve read through the text before you send it and fixed any errors that you found. We recommend that you use a tool like Grammarly to do so. We will also correct your article before posting. We prefer to see that your article’s body does not include any links, but if they provide value, we will accept them. Note that these can’t be articles back to your own website – that’s what the author description is for.

We reserve the full rights to your article when posted. You may share it on social media with your audience but you may not post it anywhere on the web, nor send it as a guest post submission to another website.

If you have an idea for a guest post or want to send us an article, contact us with your idea and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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